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Basic Guide to Choosing Snowshoes

Two questions: 1. How much will you weigh when snowshoeing (body weight + clothes and gear)? 2. What snow conditions (typical to your region) will you be in: dry powder or heavy, wet snow? Then, select the smallest snowshoe that can handle your typical load (combined body and pack weight). SIZE PACKED SNOW, MOUNTAINOUS OR … Continue reading

Adventures of Mr. Pete O’Gear

…Hhmm, well it’s not too cold out here, thanks to my Beartooth. Let’s take a peek into my bottomless BA Stagecoach duffel. Ah, there it is, my Garmin 60CSx. While that powers up, let’s take a look around. Well, it sure is beautiful out here, cathedral-like. Wow, that raptor is huge, funny, it has a … Continue reading

The American Gladiator sleeping bag battle!

Lazer and Spark, like two chiseled athletes charging through the hit show American Gladiators, these sleeping bags survived the Eliminator round and now battle to become…Ultralight Champion! In the men’s corner, with a trail weight of 33 oz., Lazer 30 is packed with high performing PrimaLoft ECO insulation, his body constructed with a Flex Technology … Continue reading

Adventures of Mr. Pete O’Gear

(cont’d from last week) …hit you with my time travel Atlas trekking pole. Every Thursday you’ll be transported to a different location, ha, ha, I hope you have your Travel Bags packed.” The tiny child-like man withdrew a pole from his Gamut and pointed it directly at Mr. Pete O’Gear. A Virga like streak of … Continue reading

Bottles & Bottles & Bottles galore!

MPGear has an excellent selection of CamelBak water bottles, these make great gifts. The CamelBak insulated Podium Chill Bottle – $6.00! This is a great bottle for warm and cold weather alike. Pour some warm tea in for those cold, wet bike rides during Winter or chill down in the Summer with a gulp of … Continue reading

Let their be light!

Here at Mountains Plus, we enjoy commuting to work by other means outside of driving our own cars. Its fun to be outside, and feels good to get the exercise. Although biking to work is fun year round, when the seasons start changing and the sun sets by 4 in the afternoon cyclists need to … Continue reading

Stickup in the Yakima Canyon!

Out-in the Yakima River Canyon, I was riding the trails today, on my Bighorn, gazing along the tops of the hills. Ah, fresh snow, best be getting ready for winter. When out of the bushes jumped a fella, “This is a Stickup mister”. I said, “Alright, let’s settle down EZ Rider. What do you want?” … Continue reading

Fees Waived on V-Day

The fees at lands managed by the National Parks will be waived this Wednesday, November 11th, in honor of Veterans Day. If you have to work, call in sick and get out and explore the National Park that is right next door. If you can’t get out, check out the The National Park series by … Continue reading

Out of Sweets, MPGear has got some Treats!

Out of Halloween candy? has got a bag full of goodies for you. No cavities! Guaranteed! (Well, unless you fill up your reservoir with liquid sugar and neglect brushing your teeth for a week on that 93 mile hike.) Atlas Elektra 923 Kits – 42% OFF! Camelbak 70 oz. UnBottle – 50% OFF Gregory … Continue reading

ATLAS-Race, Run, Elektra

A new shipment of Atlas snowshoes has just arrived at MPGear. All around the world, Atlas snowshoes have blazed a path, from the Rockies to the Alps. With a pair of Atlas Race snowshoes strapped to your feet you can deliver that punishing blow to your fellow competitors racing in the snow and capture a … Continue reading

TRANSPORT your gear with an OSPREY

We are getting close to the holiday season which means one thing…travel!! And Osprey has the new bags that will get you and your gear where you need to go. The new Transporter series has four bag sizes to meet all your basic gear hauling & travel needs. The Transporter 46 is sized perfectly for … Continue reading

The best things in life ARE free

Over the years, Mountains Plus has developed a reputation in the outdoor community for offering outstanding products at a great price. One of the ways we’ve achieved this status is by offering a free accessory with the purchase of an item (free footprints with the purchase of a tent, for example). Last year we began … Continue reading

Extreme Makeover: Inov8 X-Talon Edition

The X-Talon 212 was one of our best selling shoes during the ’08-’09 season, so it’s no surprise that our friends at Inov8 decided to expand the X-Talon line for this year. When we first heard about the X-Talon 240 several months back, we were, of course, very excited and eager to see what the … Continue reading