The American Gladiator sleeping bag battle!

Lazer and Spark, like two chiseled athletes charging through the hit show American Gladiators, these sleeping bags survived the Eliminator round and now battle to become…Ultralight Champion!

In the men’s corner, with a trail weight of 33 oz., Lazer 30 is packed with high performing PrimaLoft ECO insulation, his body constructed with a Flex Technology that eliminates constriction and makes him more agile, improving his thermal efficiency.
In the ladies corner, with a trail weight of 25 oz., Spark 30, pumped-up naturally with 800-fill goose down and constructed with the same Flex technology as her opponent Lazer 30, she too has the impressive thermal efficiency of a true champion.

Lazer 30 and Spark 30, which will become the Sierra Designs ultralight sleeping bag champion? See now at At 30% off, this battle may last only a few rounds.
Who will win the head-to-head MPGear battle challenge?

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