Stickup in the Yakima Canyon!

Out-in the Yakima River Canyon,

I was riding the trails today, on my Bighorn, gazing along the tops of the hills. Ah, fresh snow, best be getting ready for winter. When out of the bushes jumped a fella, “This is a Stickup mister”. I said, “Alright, let’s settle down EZ Rider. What do you want?” He replied in a high-shrilled voice, “Well mister, I want that feathered Boa, that’s draped neatly around your neck.” I said, “Son, listen now I’m a Highroller, and nobody takes this feathered Boa from my neck, not even my lady friend.” He said, “OK then, mister, looks like I’m gonna have to…”

(to be cont’d)

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