The best things in life ARE free

Over the years, Mountains Plus has developed a reputation in the outdoor community for offering outstanding products at a great price. One of the ways we’ve achieved this status is by offering a free accessory with the purchase of an item (free footprints with the purchase of a tent, for example). Last year we began offering free trekking poles with any snowshoe purchase, and the response from the Mountains Plus community was so overwhelming, we had no choice but to bring the promotion back for 2009.

So, for the entirety of the season (while supplies last), we’re offering a free pair of trekking poles with every pair of snowshoes. And just to clarify, these aren’t just any old poles we include; in fact, quite the contrary. You’ll get the same brand poles as the snowshoes you purchase, and considering the only snowshoes we carry are from prestigious brands like Atlas, Crescent Moon, and MSR, the quality is something you’ll never have to question.

We’ve got plenty in stock right now, but quantities are sure to be scarce once this season gets underway, so ensure speedy delivery by ordering yours today!

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