Adventures of Mr. Pete O’Gear

...Hhmm, well it’s not too cold out here, thanks to my Beartooth. Let’s take a peek into my bottomless BA Stagecoach duffel. Ah, there it is, my Garmin 60CSx. While that powers up, let’s take a look around. Well, it sure is beautiful out here, cathedral-like. Wow, that raptor is huge, funny, it has a moonlight blue sheen to its feathers. Holy cow, it’s even clutching a Chinook in its Talons, you don’t see that every day. I better take a look at my trusty GPS, an el. of 4,063’, N 37.81986 and W -79.062527, where am I, in some kinda of wonderland? I suppose it’s time to break-in my Inov-8 Roclite’s and hike down this trail, it could be a long…

(to be cont’d)

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