Fees Waived on V-Day

The fees at lands managed by the National Parks will be waived this Wednesday, November 11th, in honor of Veterans Day. If you have to work, call in sick and get out and explore the National Park that is right next door.
If you can’t get out, check out the The National Park series by Ken Burns or play one of the armed services Monopoly board games with your family.
To honor Veterans day MPGear.com will run a special coupon on that day. Use coupon code VDAY09 during your checkout process and receive 15% off the already great prices at MPGear.com.
In any event, honor and remember those Veterans.
Advice and suggestions stated by this writer should be used solely at the discretion of the reader. If you do call in sick and see your boss hiking on the same trail, don’t call me and you probably shouldn’t play any lotteries. I would suggest hiking in disguise and if you see your boss say “Hi” in a different language, such as “Guten Tag”, “Konnichi wa”, “Que Pasa”, “Sawubona”, this should throw’em off track. Use with caution and hike fast.

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