New Chrome Laptop Sleeves – A neoprene dream come true

I know how you all feel about the old Chrome laptop sleeves because, well, we felt the same way. First, you had to find the size the works for your laptop. Not an easy task when there are EIGHT DIFFERENT SIZES! And after you found one that worked for you, you had to reach into the darkness of your tight fit foam padded envelope, braving the brown recluse that burrowed its way in there the day you brought it home just to get your computer out…But (thankfully) those days are behind us. Chrome released their new neoprene laptop sleeves, and they are on the opposite end of the spectrum, far away from its predecessor. The new sleeves are a simplified clam shell design that splits open with two zippers, but this isn’t even the best part. You don’t have to remove the computer from the case!! Four corner straps hold your computer in place and allow you to use the laptop while it is still in there. So, now that you finally have an alternative to your old, foam padded, computer-eating case, pick one up and make your dog happy by giving him your old sleeve as a chew toy.

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