Extreme Makeover: Inov8 X-Talon Edition

The X-Talon 212 was one of our best selling shoes during the ’08-’09 season, so it’s no surprise that our friends at Inov8 decided to expand the X-Talon line for this year. When we first heard about the X-Talon 240 several months back, we were, of course, very excited and eager to see what the end result would be, and when the shoes finally arrived on our doorstep this week, we were far from disappointed.

Not only do these babies look sweet in their Black/Hi-Viz color scheme; Inov8 bills them as the lightest boot in the world (and they are). What’s more, the same aggressive, sticky rubber outsole that so many fell in love with on the X-Talon 212 is used on the X-Talon 240 to make this shoe the ideal choice for short trail, ultralight walking, and mountain running with ankle protection.

The only thing that may be better than the shoes themselves is our price: $90 + Free Socks + Free Shipping. So what more incentive do you need? Grab yourself a pair today.

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