Bottles & Bottles & Bottles galore!

MPGear has an excellent selection of CamelBak water bottles, these make great gifts.
The CamelBak insulated Podium Chill Bottle – $6.00!
This is a great bottle for warm and cold weather alike. Pour some warm tea in for those cold, wet bike rides during Winter or chill down in the Summer with a gulp of liquid coolness.

-Designed to fit almost all bike cages.
-Not designed for extra-hot or boiling water, this will distort the plastic.
-Designed with HydroGuard antimicrobial technology.
-Designed without BPA.
-Designed with secure lockout cap for transport.
The CamelBak Better Bottle, better because it just is – $7.00!

-The Better Bottle can withstand being filled with boiling water or stored in below freeing temperatures. However, you probably should not boil the bottle and use caution when sipping contents that are hot, it’s like sucking hot magma through a straw and that could hurt.
-Is compatible with filters that adapt to 63 mm screw top, most market filters.
-In the straw off mode it becomes a tip and sip bottle. You’ll have to manually remove the straw. There’s no button that automatically does this for you.
-Dishwasher safe, BPA-Free, spill-proof and many colors too.
Buy one plus two plus three today at Mountains Plus Outdoor Gear.

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