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AlboPads: The Perfect Add-On To Any Bike Case!

AlboPads: The Perfect Add-On To Any Bike Case!

You wouldn’t ride your bike without your helmet, so why travel with your bike without AlboPads? AlboPads are the perfect addition to your current bike case that may lack the proper protection needed while packing up and traveling with your bike. The pads also come fully equipped with the new 2012 Aerus Biospeed Bicycle Travel Case … Continue reading

Vis 360 – A Dome of Protection!

Vis 360 – A Dome of Protection!

The Vis 360 is a helmet bike light for the commuter that is simple to clip on-and-off, and recharges easily with the convenient USB plug-in. This Light & Motion bike light protects the rider with amber side lights, a front spot light that casts a wide peripheral halo of light expanding the width of a … Continue reading

Nomad2Go, Dirty No Mo!

The Nomad2Go is a portable power cleaner capable of producing a 90 psi jet stream or soft misty spray and is great for cleaning off your dirty outdoor gear before the wife sees it in the car or in the house. This portable power washer is available as either an 18 volt rechargeable battery option … Continue reading

Wider is Better! Zipp 101!

Discerning Triathletes and roadies alike can now take advantage of Zipp’s two decades of aerodynamic technology development. The newest lightweight wheelset from Zipp, the 101 aero aluminum wheelset is the first fully toroidal aluminum rim. Wind tunnel tested, Zipp has created a wheelset with a proprietary profile curve that extends across the braking surface.  This … Continue reading

Super Magneto Man – Vainqueur!

In Connecticut this week and the weather isn’t cooperating for that road ride. Still cold and rainy where you are? Well, for Pete’s sake, I got just the cure. Virenquerize your legs with a CycleOps Supermagneto Pro Trainer. Just throw in a DVD of the 2003 Tour De France and climb those mountains like a king. … Continue reading

Blue AC1 SL Reviewed by Bicycling!

A top of the line, carbon fiber bicycle, the Blue AC1 SL, by Blue Competition Cycles, is designed with SFT2 Super Flow Tube Tech to increase aerodynamics and stiffen the ride, increasing power transfer.  The Aerus Conquest T1000/T800 high modulus carbon frame is light and fast.  With SRAM Red, the bike weighs in at less … Continue reading

Rolling through Bangkok on my new Zipp 303s!

Heading to the exotic location of Thailand this week to try out my new Zipp Speed Weaponry 303s. I’ve never been there before, should be exciting and some say biking is not such a bad idea.  Here is my plan.  First, I’ll zipp through the Silom district, dodging those 3-wheeled tuk-tuks and motosai lapjang (motorcycles). … Continue reading