Let their be light!

Here at Mountains Plus, we enjoy commuting to work by other means outside of driving our own cars. Its fun to be outside, and feels good to get the exercise. Although biking to work is fun year round, when the seasons start changing and the sun sets by 4 in the afternoon cyclists need to take a few more precautions to ensure they are safe on the ride. A good fitting helmet is must any time you’re riding your bike, but when natural light is low we turn to the Planet Bike Blaze to light the way for us. The Blaze comes in three different wattage outputs, and have different lightning modes to give you performance you are looking for. The 1-Watt combo ($62.99; includes a 1-Watt headlight and a Superflash taillight) is an excellent choice for any rider looking to be seen, and if you use an additional 1/2-Watt light in the flashing mode you won’t have ANY problems getting noticed. New for this year is the Planet Bike 2-Watt Blaze which is double the brightness of the 1-Watt, and it’s so bright you can see it in the daylight. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on over-the-top lighting for your bike when you can pick up the combo for just over $60. With the money you save you could get one for yourself, and one for each person on your holiday gift list. I mean, what gift shows you care about a person more than one saying you want them to be safe? (Except for maybe this)

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