Communication and The Customer Experience

Communication and The Customer Experience

Online shopping is all about convenience.  In a perfect world you would find the product you want at the best price humanly possible, snap your fingers, and your order would magically appear.  The product would arrive glistening in all its glory, just as you’d imagined it.  After assembling it without an ounce of frustration, you and your Thule Vertex 3 would drive off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a realistic story, but it’s my job here at Mountains Plus to ensure that our customers’ experience is as close to the above fairytale as possible.

The best way to achieve this is by having great communication.  As an online company, we rely heavily on email to keep our customers updated on their order status.  Customers can help expedite this process by providing a valid email address that they check regularly!  Another way to ensure smooth email communication is to check email filters.  Sometimes our updates end up being marked as junk mail by mistake!

While email is our most prolific form of communication, we still rely on our phones to meet specific customer needs such as address verification, fraud prevention, and shipping exceptions.  Having a valid phone number on file, is the best way for customers to ensure their order will ship out as scheduled.

I think one our most overlooked methods of communication is the “Customer Notes” section in our checkout process.  While the desire to click “next” is very alluring, the notes section really is a great way to get the Customer- MPgear relationship off on the right foot!  This is a great way to mention any upcoming camping trips or vacations, additional questions about products, or any information customers feel may help bring their online shopping fantasy to life!

Comedic relief through the form of customer notes is also appreciated!

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