The Sea Eagle Has Landed

Sea Eagle Stand Up Paddle BoardHave you heard the word?  The newest trend in water sports is stand up paddle boarding, or SUP!  I went out on a rare sunny and hot Tuesday evening to try and I have to say, I get it.  I have always loved the water and pretty much all water sports, so I am not too surprised that I took to paddle boarding like a fish to water!  If you also love the water, this could be the sport for you too!

The way I see it there are a few approaches to the paddleboard.  If you are looking for a workout that will tone your arms, legs and core, then you want to actually stand up on your board.  If you are looking to relax and enjoy the weather, water and scenery then sitting on kneeling on the board and paddling might be more your style.  You will still get an arm workout but your balance will not be tested as much and you will not need to engage those core muscles as much.  If you plan to sit more of the time, a paddle used for a kayak, one with a blade on each end will be a little easier to use. The traditional moving the one bladed paddle over the board from side to side paddling can be a little unwieldy from a seated position.  Of course we can set you up with either or both!

If you want to try out this amazing sport there is one big decision to be made, do you want a standard board or an inflatable board?  At MPGear we are big believers in inflatables.  The technology is awesome and comparable to traditional boats and boards.   The Sea Eagle LongBoard 11’s new bottom adds a light but stiff layers to reinforce the board, and improve stiffness just like traditional boards.  This extra layer makes stand-up paddling easier and more comfortable.  Sea Eagle also added an anti-skid area on top of the board, which keeps you on the board, allows you to feel the motion below you and adds even more stiffness.

Sea Eagle SUP“The Sea Eagle Longboard uses Drop Stitch construction, which allows a much higher air pressure than other inflatable technologies. Thousands of tiny threads connect the top and bottom layers of the board.

This means the board can hold 12 pounds of air pressure, more than double the working pressure of other technologies. When you’re out on the water, this means the LongBoard will turn, cut and perform like a fiberglass board, even though it packs up in a bag.”  –

Another benefit to inflatables? They are way easier to store, pack and travel with.  Don’t live next to the beach or lake?  It’s often easier to pump up your board or boat when you get there then strapping a long board to the top of your car. It’s really great if you plan on taking the board on adventures near and far.

A three-year warranty covers all Sea Eagle boats against manufacturer’s defects from bow to stern.  What are waiting for?  Its time to get out on the water, plan a trip to someplace warm and don’t forget your Sea Eagle boats and boards!

Other great Sea Eagle products now available at

   Sea Eagle LongBoard 11

Sea Eagle
LongBoard 11

   Sea Eagle 380X Explorer Kayak 12' 6

Sea Eagle
380X Explorer 
Kayak 12′ 6″

   Sea Eagle Sport Kayak
Sea Eagle
Sport Kayak

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