New Ion Cameras Available at MPGear

Ion Air ProThe Mountains Plus family is excited to announce another new brand partnership –  Ion Cameras.  Not only are we offering the new standout cameras on our websites for sale; we will putting them through the paces ourselves!  Ion cameras has generously agreed to sponsor our Grassroots and Elite Cyclocross racing teams this fall.  Watch out for the team in the pits with one of our 8 team cameras, remember to smile!  It will be great to see videos from around the US this season of our racers having a ball.  Expect some great footage from professional filmography and masters team member Nick Czerula, part of our northeast crew.

Ion CameraSo why should you consider an Ion Air camera? Unlike its competitors it is waterproof up to 30 meters and shock resistant with no additional housing.  Some of the best features include the 170 degree field of vision.  It can capture more that what we can see! At only 4.5 ounces, the Ion Air Pro is also the lighter a bit lighter than the Contour and GoPro cameras.

When you turn the camera on, or start recording the camera vibrates.  I know this will eliminate a lot of ‘Is it recording?’  clips at the beginning of videos.  Now you can rest assured your action is being captured. This is so helpful when the camera is mounted somewhere you can’t see it, like on your head.

Finally, there is the wi-fi capabilities.  You can upload video to you phone, or tablet quickly and easily using the Ion app; which is available for Apple and Android devices.  With the app you can control many of the cameras settings and use the screen of your device as an external monitor for viewing.  With the app you can also upload straight to your facebook page or YouTube.  Your video can go viral instantly!

Take a look at some of these great reviews of the new camera:

The bottom line: The standard Ion Air Pro is a rugged sports camcorder that is easy to use with many thoughtful features, but the addition of Wi-Fi and app connectivity makes it a truly standout camera.”

In addition to being lighter than the GoPro cameras, the Ion Air Pro is also more versatile: It can work up to 30 feet underwater without any additional case, sports a waterproof microphone, can be rotated into different orientations, and it’s even smart enough to flip the video if it ends up shooting upside down.”


Terrific mounting hardware
Ion Camera Helmet“Nothing beats the Air Pro Wi-Fi when it comes to its passel of mounting hardware that comes standard with the package. In addition to the straps and adhesive backed mounts to affix to surfboards, bicycles, helmets, and other surfaces, Ion offers a bicycle handlebar attachment and a very handy mini-tripod with flexible metal legs for precise positioning. By contrast, Contour’s Contour+ comes only with a few adhesive-backed mounts. Especially cool is the ball-joint hinges that Ion uses on its mounts which let you swivel the camera around to set at exactly the angle you want. You get the camcorder in the position you want, then tighten a plastic ring nut to lock it into place. This fulsome mounting kit let me fine-tune the positioning of the Air Pro much more than I could do with the other two camcorders.”


Check out these videos shot with the Ion camera:

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