The new member of

Hi, my name is Yeager-san (Joel) and I’ve recently joined the team and thought I’d introduce myself. I’ve left the confines of an office desk job and now work in the outdoor industry, how exciting is that. I will no longer be commuting on a bus (which was sometimes stinky) and will now brave the elements (weather and vehicles) each day on my bike (I wish).

So, the following equipment from MPGear will be essential for my daily bike journeys: Sidi shoes, a Sugoi team jersey and something to shine my path, the Blaze 1-watt Superflash combo. So maybe I could be considered a gear tester too, like all of you, and that’s pretty cool.

So I’m real pleased to be part of the MPGear team and hope that I can help all of you outdoor enthusiasts in the future. Happy biking, camping and hiking!

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