MPGear Is Excited To Announce The Arrival of Klymit Sleeping Pads

Mountains Plus is excited to announce our partnership with another fantastic brand, Klymit!  Many of our customers take weight very seriously and we are proud to offer the ultralight sleeping pads, seats and pillows from Klymit.  Their quality materials and time spend in product development shows.

For those of you unfamiliar with Klymit:

Klymit Sleeping Pads“Klymit is a solutions company that challenges traditional approaches to the conception and fabrication of outdoor goods and apparel.  Part engineers, part gear junkies, part mad scientists, and all outdoorsmen, Klymit was conceived under the idea that the experience of outdoor enthusiasts can be enhanced with new technologies and a different approach that yield quantifiably superior products.” –

The Award winning pads from Klymit are some of the world’s lights, most compact, sleeping pads on the market today. Designed with body mapping research, the pads give you support where you need it, in key pressure zones.  At the same time padding in areas where you don’t need it eliminated.  These holes serve three purposes, cutting down on weight, and space, and keeping your bag lofted.  The holes in the pad allow your sleeping bag to move into those spaces and stay lofted – therefore keeping you warmer.  The sleeping pads will work best with bags that have insulation on the bottom.

Still not sure about this crazy “holely” sleeping pads?  Don’t take our word for it, listen to these guys

Klymit Inertia X-Frame“Bottom Line: The X-Frame is an excellent choice for the fast and light, three-season crowd who are still looking for a little bit of cushion at the end of their day. “

“Amazingly, I was just as warm and comfortable in my 20 degree bag as any other night of backcountry sleeping, and the cushion was so effective that I could even sleep on my side (my personal preference). Additional nights along Olympic National Park’s legendary coastline … confirmed what I already suspected: this pad’s comfort to weight ratio is unsurpassed by anything I’ve slept on. “


 “Ok folks, the bottom line is that this pad is a revolutionary piece of technology that will enable you to hike longer, farther, and more comfortably. It addresses all concerns related to inflatable sleeping pads, allowing you to rest easy. It may not be for everyone (I think it is, given enough time to adjust), but it is a sure way to reduce your pack weight and volume while maintaining comfort. The Klymit Inertia X-Frame is the best ultralight sleeping pad I have used, hands down. “

“The V slots in this pad seem to allow the down in my bag to fill them in and provide some insulation even though the pad has no internal insulation. This pad is very comfortable to sleep on. More comfortable than my Exped Synmat Basic 7.5, Big Agnes Sand Mountain Insulated and Big Agnes Insulated AirCore pad and just as comfortable as my Exped DownMat. “

Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad“The Static V’s design is supportive and comfortable – the v-chambers and sidewalls enveloped me when I lay down on it and it provided a nice, soft buffer from the cold, hard ground. “

“Speaking of the v-chamber baffles, the v-shaped design made it an ideal pad for sleeping in a backpacking hammock like my ENO Doublenest hammock. The pad was able to bend and flex to fit the contour of the hammock without folding in on itself. The pad was plenty durable, too. I was able to use it directly on the ground without any punctures or leakage.”

“Even though it is larger, the new Inertia XL still only weighs 16.8 oz (compare that to the new 19 oz Therm-A-Rest All-Season NeoAir) versus the original Inertia X-Frame’s 9.1 oz. The Inertia XL ultra light camping pad uses Klymit’s same loft pocket technology, allowing your sleeping bag to expand into the gaps, increasing warmth over regular camping pads.”

Klymit Inertia XL Sleeping Pad“Unique body-mapping features allow for comfort and insulation while cutting down on overall weight by removing sections that will typically not be under your body.” 


“Overall, the Inertia XL from Klymit does a very good job of accomplishing its primary goal of providing a comfortable place to sleep without adding too much weight or bulk.”

Like what you see? Klymit is now available at and comes with FREE shipping on orders over $45 in the continental U.S.!

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