New Inov-8 Styles For The Gym, Trail and Your Next Race

New Inov-8’s have arrived! Our favorite pairs are back in stock with new pairs arriving every day.

Bare-XF 260

Inov-8 Bare-XF 260One long awaited shoe is the Bare-XF 260.  Many crossfitters are wearing and loving the Bare-XF 210, and the 260’s use the same sole but adds serious reinforcement on the upper cuff.  Light weight, only 50 grams more than the 210’s, with a zero drop and stock sole, the Bare-XF line is stable platform for all your lifting.   Rope-Tec surrounds the sides and top of the foot to protect you and decrease fabric wear for high durability and grip during rope climbs.  You can go harder without worrying that you are going to blow out the sides of your new shoes.  However extreme you are, the Bare-XF 260 can match you!

Speaking of crossfit, have you seen the new colors of some of the old stand bys?  There are new colors in F-Lite 195’s, F-Lite 230’s and Bare-XF 210’s.

 Inov-8 F-Lite 195  Inov- 8 F-Lite 230  Inov-8 Bare-XF 210

If the heat of the summer is getting to you, maybe a new pair of trail running shoes would help you beat the heat?  Sounds crazy I know, but hear me out.   Running on a wooded trail can be much cooler than the road, and I find it is easier on the joints and a bit more exciting than pounding the pavement.   Bring along a buddy to keep you company on the trail and it hardly feels like work.  As a breeze follows you through the trees, and a creek winds down the trail to your right, you might just fall in love with running all over again.  Running is a sport almost anyone can take up.  All you need is a pair of good shoes and a watch!

TrailRoc Series

Inov-8 TrailRoc 235If you are looking to get into trail running, or are looking to go more natural with a minimal style shoe, Inov-8 has you covered.  The new TrailRoc series is in stock at Mpgear and ready to hit the dirt.  The series of TrailRoc’s come in 3 styles going from a very minimal style to a shoe with a bit more support and traditional feel.  The TrailRoc 235 is the most minimal, with zero heel toe drop and is the lightest in the series.  A breathable mesh lining will keep your feet cool on the trail.  The 235’s are a super fast shoe that is great for fast training days or race day.  The sole is brand new to Inov-8 as well with textured lugs specifically designed for running on loose and rugged trails. You will be protected while still reaping the benefits for a natural, minimal style shoe.

If you are not ready to go zero drop yet, but want to run in a minimal style shoe the TrailRoc 245 or TrailRoc 255’s might be up your alley.  Both shoes have a slightly raised heel, like a more traditional running shoe.  It is still less than a typical running shoes, but not quite as extreme as the zero drop styles, like the TrailRoc 235.  All three TrailRoc shoes feature the same sole built specifically for eroded and technical terrain.  Going up just a small amount in the support level can make all the difference in comfort, making the 245’s and 255’s a great everyday trail running shoe.

Come check out all of our new arrivals, including:

Inov-8 has you covered from the gym, to the trail and to your next race!

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