Kickstart Your Comfort On The Trail

The Alpine Hammock

We all know how important comfort is while you’re out on the trail. Whether you’re packing the most comfortable sleeping pad with you, or the most popular lightweight tent, a good night’s rest is the difference between a productive day or a slow grueling trek on the trail.

Enter The Alpine Hammock, the first ever apline-style hammock. Weighing only 1.4 lbs, it can be used as both a traditional hammock and also as a traditional bivy sack. Other notable features include:

Alpine Hammock as a bivy

  • Made with waterproof nylon
  • Built-in, zip-on bug net
  • Built-in, zip-on rainfly

The Alpine Hammock was also featured as the Kickstarter Gear Pick of the Weekend by The Gear Junkie. For more info, visit the Kickstarter page for The Alpine Hammock which was created by engineer grads and outdoor enthusiasts, Ryan Stolp and Mike Brown.

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