enters StarCrossed!

Clear afternoon skies broke to grey clouds and consistent rain as the elite cylcocross racers warmed up on their Jonathon Page inspired Blue Norcross bikes and Rolf Prima wheels for the final elite event of StarCrossed in Redmond, Washington. elite racers Craig Richey, Nathan Bannerman, Eric Emsky, and Michael Gallagher would fight the rain-soaked course and darkness during the final event that would punish racers lungs, legs and equipment.

Battling course conditions, the final lap and win was contested between the French Champion and ProTour rider, Francis Mourey, and the 6-5”, 2009 USPG series winner and former national champion, Ryan Trebon.  A slip of the wheel rounding the final corner decided the outcome of the race and separated the winner, Mourey, from the hard charging Trebon, by a mere two seconds.

Jonathon Page, racing on a Blue Norcross he helped design, would finish 5th and elite racers Richey, Gallagher, Bannerman, and Emsky, would finish 10th, 24th, 28th and 31st respectively.

CXMagazine.coms report. If you do play the video, I’m the one in the blue jacket on the other side of the course. Hey, hey, I made a video.

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