Celebrity Gear Outfitting – Katy Perry Edition

At Mountains Plus, we frequently discuss ideas for interesting blog topics. We also frequently watch Pop music videos (Lady Gaga, Backstreet Boys, Beyonce, etc.) at the office. This morning, we found ourselves doing both simultaneously (amidst Katy Perry’s “California Gurls“) and wondered, “If Katy Perry walked into Mountains Plus needing a tent, backpack and sleeping bag, what would she buy?” Here’s what we came up with:

  1. Tent – Big Agnes Sunny Side 3 Person Tent. Being a California Girl, Katy would be drawn to the Sunny Side, naturally. With its exclusivity, vibrant color scheme, and spacious interior big enough to kiss a girl (and like it), it’s a perfect fit.
  2. Backpack – The Gregory Deva 60. “Deva” is an Indian word for “God”, and being an international megastar, there’s no doubt Katy’s considered a goddess by many.
  3. Sleeping Bag – The Sierra Designs Flare 30. Katy needs something that’s going to be comfortable when it’s hot n cold, and with its Primaloft Eco syntehtic insulation (which retains its lofting abilities even when wet), we’re convinced the Flare is the best choice out there for her.

Stay tuned for next week’s edition featuring Bob Dylan!

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Gear Outfitting – Katy Perry Edition

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