Trioba Adventure Race Series

Trioba Adventure Racing has announced their 2009 race schedule and we’re making it easy for you to sign up through Mountains Plus. Trioba has has planned both a sprint race and a 24-30 hour race which they are very excited about. The sprint race will be held in a beautiful area near Index, WA that has not yet hosted a race. Not only is the area new, but this sprint will be including a white water rafting section which is a discipline not yet seen in an adventure race in North America. The 24-30 hour race will be held in an area that is considered a mountain biker’s and trail runner’s paradise. This race out near Plain, WA will be epic in its proportions and when you finish, it will leave you satisfied with what you have accomplished and where you have been. So whether your new to the sport or you dedicate all your spare time to training, stop by Mountains Plus to sign up for the adventure of a lifetime.

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