Gregory Trail Running/Adventure Racing Packs

Here at Mountains Plus we have always been big fans of the Gregory pack line, especially their adventure racing packs, but now there is more reason to talk about their new packs. These backpacks have always been lightweight, and space is never an issue thanks to the variety in sizes they come in, but Gregory has taken the next step to making these packs more comfortable on the trail. The new Bio-sync suspension system uses elastic attachment points on the pack which allows it to move more freely and mimic your movement during activities. Users may not notice the suspension at work on the smaller packs (Diablo and Dipsea) which only have 6L of interior volume, but as you move into the larger packs and add more weight the Bio-sync system will be the first thing you notice. Gregory’s pack line is still fully featured including front compression pockets for an extra layer, separate hydration compartment for a bladder, and pockets on the waist straps for fast and easy access, which still makes these packs a favorite among adventure racers. There is a pack for everyone as they come in three different sizes and colors, and are available in men’s and women’s specific styles.

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