Wider is Better! Zipp 101!

Zipp 101 shown on the left, standard rim on the right.

Discerning Triathletes and roadies alike can now take advantage of Zipp’s two decades of aerodynamic technology development.

The newest lightweight wheelset from Zipp, the 101 aero aluminum wheelset is the first fully toroidal aluminum rim. Wind tunnel tested, Zipp has created a wheelset with a proprietary profile curve that extends across the braking surface.  This design (watch video) minimizes wind drag more than either a standard V-shape or hybrid-torodial profile with flat, parallel braking surfaces.

The bulged profile on the 101’s smoothes the airflow around the wheel more effectively while still complementing most common tire sizes, fitting narrow 21mm tires to wide 35mm tires. This aero wheelset profile provides a distinct advantage over less tolerant wide-profile clincher rims.

This Zipp wheelset weighs 1,523 grams and is available as a 700c clincher wheelset.

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