MPGear Customer Service: Utilize the Customer Notes Field

Utilize the Customer Notes Field

As you go through the checkout process, you’ll notice there’s a section for “Customer Notes” on Step 3. This is a good place for you to leave us special comments/instructions regarding your order or delivery.

Some common uses for the Customer Notes field:

Problem with the ordering process – Say you want to order a pair of Inov-8 trail shoes, and the size you want to select isn’t available. If it’s after-hours and you want to submit the order that night, you can place the order for a different size and in the Customer Notes field, tell us you wanted a different size but it wasn’t available. One of our friendly Customer Service Reps will contact you the next business day to confirm availability.

Upcoming deadline – Got a trip coming up that you absolutely have to have your new ultralight tent for? Be sure to tell us when you’re leaving! While the shipping timeframes we quote on the site are usually pretty accurate, it’s always best to let us know of any deadlines. That way, we can give you plenty of notice if we can’t get it to you in time, or in some cases, we’ll upgrade your shipping to ensure it arrives before you leave.

Delivery instructions – Need to make sure UPS requires a signature with your package? Have special instructions for the driver? The Customer Notes section is the spot for you to pass that info along!

Special requests – Ordering for a birthday? Need to make sure no price is included with the package? Want us to draw a picture of a dinosaur eating a banana on the shipping package?* We can do all of those things!  Just let us know!

We believe good communication is at the forefront of good customer service, and the Customer Notes section is another great way for us to better interact with our customers. It’s there for a reason; so don’t be afraid to utilize it!

Customer dinosaur

*For our customer who requested a dinosaur eating a banana on their box.

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