Returns Made Easy: MPGear’s Return Policy Explained

Happy Friday, everyone! Summer’s coming to an end, so your time to get out there with that backpacking gear before the gloom and doom of Fall is upon us is running out. We hope you’ve all got big plans for the weekend!

As many of you know, MPGear prides itself on offering a generous, hassle-free return policy. Occasionally, however, our customers will run into some confusion and call us with questions: “How do I get an RMA?” “Do I pay for return shipping?” “What if I’ve taken the shoes out for a trail run?” “The strap on my backpack broke. Am I stuck with it now? “

Good communication is at the forefront of good customer service, so we thought we’d take a chance here to answer some Returns FAQs as part of our continued effort to improve our operations.

“How long do I have to return a purchase?”

 Ah, a very good question! We’ll give you up to 60 days to return a purchase for any reason for a full refund. Should you fall outside of the 60 day window, give us a call anyway; we’ve been known to make miracles happen.

“How do I get an RMA?”

It’s very simple, actually: just call or email us and ask for one! Your friendly customer service representative will ask you a couple of questions for documentation purposes (reason for return, condition of product, whether you want to return it for a refund or exchange it, etc.) and then, like magic, RMA issued!

“Who pays for the return shipping? 

The short answer is, it depends. Here’s the longer answer:

  • Exchanges – We do.
  • Refunds – You do.
  • Warranty – We do.

“What if it’s used?”

 Anyone who’s visited the MPGear warehouse in Mercer Island, WA knows used returns are the bane of our existence. We’d love, love, LOVE it every return was in brand new condition. But c’mon now…we’ve been at this game for a long time, and we know some gear has to be used in the field to determine if it will work.

So if you took that ultralight tent out for a weekend trip and found it was just a touch too heavy, or if those new shoes are rubbing on that first trail run, no big deal; we’ll still take them back. We do, however, have to assess a 20% restocking fee to any used returns since we can’t re-sell them.

“Hey, I just bought this thing and it’s not working properly! What gives?”

Whoa, there! No need to get shaken up! We’ll definitely help you out! Just give us a call and we’ll either get you in touch with the manufacturer’s warranty department (our vendors are usually pretty awesome about helping out our customers) or, in the event that fails, take the product back ourselves. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance, and we’ll stand behind our products to ensure you’re taken care of.

I hope this helps! If you didn’t see your question answered here, feel free to leave a note in the comments section or drop us a line at (877)-411-GEAR. We’re here for you!

Happy Trails!

Team MPGear

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