It’s Official: CXR Is Going to Kentucky! is sending a Rep/Racer to Masters Worlds this year to get and give the scoop on whats happening in Louisville.  Our ambition is to continue assisting our athletes in achieving their goals, and this time the fortunate recipient is me! 

My name is Doug and I’m the guy behind the computer with the phone in my ear.  I live in the buying and ordering department, customer service, part-time shipping and receiving, grassroots and elite team liason and distributor of shwag.  I’m a Cat 1 crosser in the Seattle scene who has yet to race in the CXR kit this season but I’m looking forward to represent!  That’s me, now its time to start digging into whats happening on the Championship race front.  Jon is the CXR rep at Nationals and will be sending updates and info our way, so stay tuned here. 

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