Hoka Mafate Crashes the Party!

The Hoka Mafate is crashing the minimalist running party.  With the book “Born to Run”, evangelizing about running barefoot by emulating the Tarahumara Indians.  The author, McDougall, indicates that the Tarahumara Indians have fun running and do it their entire lives with minimal injury.

Crashing the party are two avid, intrepid French outdoorsman, strolling in on their snappy looking 40mm tall Hoka trail running shoes to cushion those hard heeled proponents.  The concept behind the super cushioned trail running shoes, Diard and Mermoud state, provide comfort and fun for anyone wishing to pursue trail running.

Despite these differences, maybe we can all rally around the idea of have fun on the trail.  The Tarahumara say they have fun running barefoot, Diard and Mermoud are driven to provide a shoe that people can have fun running in.  Maybe the Hoka Mafate make having fun on the trail just a little more accessible to the not so super human trail runner.

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