Armstrong Stung by Honey Stinger!

Yesterday, in an announcement that stung the biking world, seven-time tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, stated that he has become part-owner of the honey-based natural energy gel, bar, and organic chew maker Honey Stinger.

Lance, in his new role (which at this time remains undisclosed), will become chief beekeeper, replacing the once proud nine-time Colorado beekeeping champion.  Reportedly, the only words exchanged between the two “Sting or bee stung”.

Undisclosed sources indicated that as chief beekeeper, Lance will test the performance energy expenditure of the bees producing the honey, as well as measure their maximum flying distances.  Using only the handpicked bees that are able to perform at the highest levels of energy and those that travel the greatest distance should, theoretically, produce the highest performing honey for those endurance athletes who ingest Honey Stinger products.

We here at MPGear wish Lance and Honey Stinger the best of luck in their new partnership.  Honey Stinger products will certainly bee a buzz!

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