Pete visits Portland w/ his Chrome Metropolis Messenger Bag!

Ah, Portland, The City of Roses, a biking mecca.  Good thing I’ve got my trusty bike and new Chrome Messenger Bag, I’ve got some shopping to do.  But first, I’ll fuel up with a great breakfast at the Little Red Bike Café.  Stowing the leftovers in my Chrome, it’s weatherproof you know, I’ll head down to the Farmer’s Market for some fresh vegi’s, make a quick stop by the Vodoo Doughnut shop and then head to  Powell’s City of Books, man that place is huge.  Next I’ll hit some trails through Forest Park, and wrap my day up at the Bridgeport Brewery for some fine tasting IPA’s.  Whew, I’m wiped out just thinking about it.  Better get ready for my next adventure.

Travel every Wednesday with Pete as he makes his way to the destination and uses the gear that is first selected by an customer on that day.

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