Volunteer Vacations!

Spend a week in the backcountry this summer lending a hand to re-build a trail.  Several clubs and associations across the nation organize weeklong volunteer work parties connecting you with a much needed trail maintenance project.

These Volunteer Vacations help rebuild trails and structures in typically more difficult to access trail sections, which typically means, premiere backcountry locations.

In Washington State, the Washington Trails Association does a great job at organizing these Saturday-to-Saturday weeklong adventures.  They have a variety of difficulty levels, ranging from base camp car camping to the more strenuous 4-6 mile hike to base camp.  Costs are minimal and offset the meals prepared by the camp chef.

Why not take a vacation this summer that you will dig, reward yourself with a volunteer backcountry trail maintenance vacation.

Washington Trails Association

Pacific Crest Trail Association

Colorado Trail Foundation

Appalachian Mountain Club

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Adirondack Mountain Club

American Hiking Society

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