OSPREY Talon Moonlight Blue – 30% OFF

Midnight Sale – Now 30% OFF!

MPGear has just a few of the 2007 Moonlight Blue Talon 33’s and Talon 44’s left in the store. So checkout the reviews and go to MPGear.com and snag one before these disappear.

Talon 33 Moonlight Blue: – $90.30, see a review
Talon 44 Moonlight Blue: – $111.30, see a review
These midnight sales are progressive, the savings will increase with the passing of time. So if you don’t like the price today check back later. But, you’ll never know when the sale turns into a pumpkin and the product disappears.

3 thoughts on “OSPREY Talon Moonlight Blue – 30% OFF

  1. The midnight madness continues.Poof!! Savings increased to 25%!!!Talon 33 Moonlight Blue now at $96.75.Talon 44 Moonlight Blue now at $119.25.

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