Too good to be a sale…it’s a BLOWOUT!

That’s right. This deal is so good we can’t even call it a sale…this is definitely a blowout. We had way too many of the 2008 Sierra Designs Sirius 3, Antares 3, and Electron RC2 tents that we couldn’t do anything OTHER than put them on sale. Ever since then they have been FLYING off the shelf. Normally, when a company sees this they think, “Gee, maybe we should bump the price on that to make a better margin.” But we see this and think, “I bet we can make this deal even sweeter!” which is just what we have done. We took the prices of the tents down over 40% because we feel this will be just the amount of encouragement some people need to get the gear and plan a trip. If you think these deals are awesome, but you still want the latest and greatest tent, take a look at our selection as we have awesome deals on many other brands as well…and don’t forget to try our chat system on the site if you have any questions.

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