Trioba Sprint Race

Although we don’t have the result to the race quite yet, we had such a great time in Index, WA for the Wild Sky sprint race that we just HAD to talk about it. There was an excellent turn out (about 30 teams in all), and we couldn’t have planned for the weather to be any better…but we definitely could have planned on bringing that bottle of sunscreen I left on the floor of my garage. Out of the competing teams, we had a team of two men racing for Mountains Plus, and we’re proud to say these guys did AWESOME.
We only saw our team a couple of times throughout the race, but each time we saw them they were taking some quick sips of water from their Gregory Stimulus packs and planning their next line of attack. This tactic seemed to work out well for them as they were one of the first teams to cross the finish. *final results will be posted shortly*
In all, the race was a great time. Devin and myself hung out at a remote TA 1600 ft. above town and recorded times for the teams that came through. Each team had to take on the gravel service roads and torn up four-wheeling tracks with their bikes to make it to us, and it was great to see that every team made it. I’m sure they were happy too because the view was incredible and we were taking team photos like it was going out of style. After all the teams made it through, it was off to the trekking section for them, and to the river drop-in point for us.
The waters were roaring at a powerful 16,000 cfs which made it a wild ride for the racers, and each team had a licensed guide on their boat to help them navigate the course (I couldn’t help but notice the guides were wearing the Astral Greenjacket). It was a lot of fun watching from the side, but it was obvious the real excitement was ON the water.
We had a great time in Index, and we are looking forward to the big 24 hour race coming up in September. Registration is still open for the 24 hour race, so take the opportunity to sign up through Mountains Plus for the race of a lifetime.

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