ACR Personal Locator Beacons

We all know accidents are bound to happen in the outdoors. Whether it be falling out of a tree, breaking a leg during a hike, or getting stuck in the wrath of Mother Nature, ACR Electronics has a personal locator beacon that will get you found. In the outdoors, an everyday accident can easily become a life threatening situation, and rescues may take days or weeks if you’re not prepared. There should be no reason to get stranded in hopes that someone will find you. With the Terrafix 406 and the Microfix 406, search and rescue is just a button push away. Once activated, the PLB will send a signal to a series of satellites which will either triangulate the location of the signal (40 minutes), or the signal will be turned into GPS coordinates (3 minutes) and sent to a ground based monitoring agency. With this information, any search and rescue team can be notified of your whereabouts which means a given SAR team won’t be far off. Prices start at $486.

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