It getting to be that time of year where you take a look at your bike and decide that it needs a seasonal face lift. The winter months can be hard on drive trains, so we started putting together upgrade kits from SRAM components. For the mountain biker, we assembled the SRAM Trigger Upgrade Kit, with top of the line SRAM X0 trigger shifters, rear derailleur, and an X9 front derailleur, PC-991 chain and PG-980 11-32 cassette. Add the individual cost of each of these items, and then take a look at the cool $449 price tag and you don’t have to be a Mensa member to realize you are getting a steal.
For the roadie / cyclocrosser looking for improved performance and lighter weight, check out our SRAM FORCE Upgrade Kit. With all new 2009 SRAM gear (including the dual control shift/brake levers, derailleurs, PC-1070 hollow pin chain and PG-1070 11-23 cassette) this upgrade kit will have you shifting with the precision you have only dreamed of. Jump on these smokin’ deals and upgrade to SRAM shifting today!

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