Torker Child Jogging Stroller

For the families that are looking for the most affordable jogging stroller in it’s class that has all the features of the top models, Mountains Plus is proud to introduce the Torker Child Jogging Stroller. Enjoy top specs on this product, including a folding frame for transportation and storage, parking brake, adjustable handle bars, 12 inch wheels with quick release, large storage compartment and a front splash guard. This is a great product that is just right for the family budget. Offered right now for $129.00.

6 thoughts on “Torker Child Jogging Stroller

    • I’ve just been informed that Torker has discontinued their Child Jogging Stroller… bummer.
      As an alternate, BOB makes several jogging strollers. The weight of the BOB Revolution stroller is 23 lbs and has a weight capacity of 70 lbs. A bit more pricey, but more soundly built.

  1. That is a bummer. It looks like a good value. I have a chance to buy one brand new from a 3rd party
    however, I cannot find out what the weight capacity is –
    I have searched and searched the Internet – not even Torker’s Web Site gives the info. Any help ?

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