Gear up for the Holidays!!

More sweet deals from Mountains Plus!!

Light your way to victory (or work) with the BLAZE bike light!!!!

Whether you are gunning for 1st place or just trying to make sure the guy in that SUV doesn’t nail you with his bumper, the Blaze 1W Light gives you energy efficiency and a really bright light.
Only $40.49


Finally, a MP3 player that rocks as hard as your tunes do, with more storage capacity to fit your audio addiction. Now you can kayak with Kiss, raft with the Ramones, or even listen to Jimi while standing next to the fire.

Only $89.95 with FREE HEADPHONES

Native Goggles – NEW PRODUCTS

Siege and Mission Goggles. Why are these cool? They come with replaceable lenses that you can easily snap in and out depending on the light conditions. Yes, you read that right….you can snap open the frame and, voila, remove and replace the lens…just like that. Easy as 1 2 3. Very cool! We have had a really tough time keeping our staff from raiding the boxes of inventory that arrived. I know what’s on my Holiday shopping list!

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