50% OFF? Yep, you betcha!

Its that time of the year again and we are trying to clear out some stuff that is cluttering up our warehouse and office.  We can barely walk around here it so crowded with inventory (ok, not really).  In any case, we have some great deals that we share only with our most loyal friends and customers…. newsletter and BLOG only.  

Here are some of the latest…

We’re also running a cool new promotion!  We already include footprints with tents and now we’ve decided to include poles with our snowshoes.  From now on, if you order a new (2008+) pair of snowshoes, we’ll include a brand new pair of trekking poles for FREE!  Can’t beat that with a walking stick!  We like to come up with cool package programs like this.  I am sure we’ll have some other cool ones in the coming weeks (hint hint).
Thats all for today!  
– The Outfitter

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