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We’re Not The Only Ones Who Love Nemo’s Gear

We’re Not The Only Ones Who Love Nemo’s Gear

One of our top selling brands, Nemo, has received a lot of press recently and for good reason as there’s plenty to love about Nemo’s gear. Their products include tents ranging from featherweight to extreme condition mountaineering tents, sleeping pads and pillows, tent accessories, green gear and they also just recently introduced a new series … Continue reading

Nemo Cosmo Air – Stylish and Comfortable

Remember the show Seinfeld? Of course you do. Surely, then, you’ll remember a wacky, yet lovable character on the show named Cosmo Kramer. Nemo’s Cosmo Air has nothing in common with Cosmo Kramer, but it was fun to think about Kramer for a moment, wasn’t it? Oh, that crazy guy… You know what the Cosmo … Continue reading

Those Folks are Tent Smart at Nemo!

The Nemo design team has incorporated a modular vestibule setup option for their new lightweight backpacking tents, the Espri 2P and the Espri 3P.  This provides the backpacker with a choice of fly and tent vestibule options, tent vestibule modularity. Many hikers span their time in the backcountry over three seasons, hiking overnight, on multi-day … Continue reading

Nemo Fillo – Backpacking Pillow Extraordinaire!

Fill the Nemo Fillo with air and then add extra clothing using the underside elastic cords to create additional height.  The Fillo, from Nemo, made of velvety-soft washable microfiber fabric and engineered with 1” memory foam help provide you with a good night’s sleep while you are in the backcountry.  This 10.8 ounce package stuffs … Continue reading