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Hoka Mafate Crashes the Party!

The Hoka Mafate is crashing the minimalist running party.  With the book “Born to Run”, evangelizing about running barefoot by emulating the Tarahumara Indians.  The author, McDougall, indicates that the Tarahumara Indians have fun running and do it their entire lives with minimal injury. Crashing the party are two avid, intrepid French outdoorsman, strolling in … Continue reading

Barefoot Running – Here comes Zola Budd!

Zola Budd placed barefoot running on the world stage when she competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics.  Her barefoot run became a side note when contact was made between her and fellow competitor Mary Decker. Today, barefoot running is gathering momentum thanks to the best-selling book by Christopher McDougall, “Born to Run”.  Born to Run … Continue reading

The Inov-8 Roclite 295’s – Back in Black!

Framed in black with Inov-8’s high visibility accent, these shoes rock.  Integrated in this shoe, like all Inov-8’s, is their patent pending Fascia Band which replicates the plantar fascia ligament to increase propulsion efficiency and reduce fatigue.  The Roclite 295, designed with Inov-8’s exclusive sticky rubber compound on the outsole for grip in wet conditions … Continue reading