How To Make Back To School a Fun Experience For You and Your Kids

Back To SchoolIt has been my experience that every family has different feelings about this time of year.  Some parents are excited to have a quieter day and some time to themselves.  Others might be dreading getting sleepy youngsters out of bed on time morning after morning.  I spent some long summers babysitting and by the time September rolled around, I was ready to hand in my Red Cross babysitting certificate along with vowing never to make mac’n’cheese again.

Kids can have equally as conflicting emotions over school.  I know I always did. On one hand I liked school, I was a good student and had a close-knit class.  We were all friends and I always looked forward to seeing them after a long summer.  At the same time, the week before school would start I would get nervous.  I could never quite pin point what I was afraid of — new classes, new teachers, harder homework? I was freaked out, no one could reason with me, and did not want to go.

Looking back, so much negativity could have been eliminated if I had a few summer-type activities to look forward to going into fall. The thought of losing my summer days of fun with no homework made me cranky.

Kids today might have a lot of new technologies and different struggles to deal with, but I think the emotions of “Back to School” won’t really ever change.  A time of transition is different for everyone, but we can all make this season special as families and promise to bring a little of the summer into fall.  Plan a camping trip or hike on the weekend. Enjoy the last of baseball season, just bring a warmer coat.  Grab your hiking boots to protect you from mud at the pumpkin patch. Head outside while the weather is still warm and enjoy the community pool or lake. Don’t forget a new backpack for that hike, the classroom, or both!

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