Vis 360 – A Dome of Protection!

The Vis 360 is a helmet bike light for the commuter that is simple to clip on-and-off, and recharges easily with the convenient USB plug-in. This Light & Motion bike light protects the rider with amber side lights, a front spot light that casts a wide peripheral halo of light expanding the width of a two-lane road, along with a bright rear, red flashing light.  The front light has three-mode adjustability, two solid spot lights and a blinking light.  The rear light is a bright flashing light and amber side lights on both the front and rear light provide the bike commuter with side light protection.

I’ve always commuted with a handlebar lights and a seat post light, but the Vis 360 helmet light provides a heightened level of protection, raising the light level to the riders head, above most parked cars.  The ability to swivel the light, with the movement of your head, provides the rider with a dynamic lighting system, rather than a static mounted lighting system.  I love this helmet light and look forward to using it during the darker bike commuting months.

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