A packs adventure race – Inov-8 Pro 30 pack!

It’s a good thing I’m tough (I am a Pro 30 pack), because that Odyssey Endorphin Fix adventure race sure is one tough event.  The weekend started with me getting stuffed full of gear, at least I was clean, no residual sand left rubbing my skin from Abu Dhabi.  Then my buddy Peter (we’re close), from Checkpoint Zero, threw me on his back (just like the old times) and we started running.  I slept for most of the race, I’m lazy like that.  I did enjoy the boat ride though, but didn’t much like getting snowed on or dirty, like my good friends, Inov-8 and Roclite did, they’re still recovering from all the mud, but I think they enjoy it.  I secretly convinced them that mud spas were good for them, hehe.  I got a little dirty, as you can see, but that’s ok.  Now I’m just hanging around waiting for my next adventure race.

2 thoughts on “A packs adventure race – Inov-8 Pro 30 pack!

  1. question…if answer to the clue is spark….why can’t i find anything….besides one sleeping bag and one fire starter when i search spark on your website? : (

    • Wow, sorry about such a tardy reply. You are right, the answer was Spark. The reason why it just directs you to 2 items, the Spark and fire starter, we wanted people who figured this clue out to be directed right to the easter egg special, which was the Spark sleeping bag. Hope that answered your question.

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