GoPro With A GoPole

GoPro With A GoPole

There’s no denying the growing popularity of the New GoPro HERO 2 cameras. These cameras have been selling like hot cakes, and it comes as no surprise. They’re great for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to document their experiences in a fun and unique way! In adding to the capabilities of the GoPro’s, … Continue reading

Who Would Win…

Who do you think would win in a race between a snowkayaker and a snowsurfer (yes, that’s right…a snowsurfer, not a snowboarder!)? The result may surprise you…or may not, either way it’s a fun video to check out!  

It’s Official: CXR Is Going to Kentucky! is sending a Rep/Racer to Masters Worlds this year to get and give the scoop on whats happening in Louisville.  Our ambition is to continue assisting our athletes in achieving their goals, and this time the fortunate recipient is me!  My name is Doug and I’m the guy behind the computer with the phone … Continue reading

Biker and Boarder Crash!

Biker and Boarder Crash!

Pulling yourself off the asphalt after a crash, with your blood and adrenaline pumping, the brain sometimes doesn’t function as clear as you want it to. Is my bike wrecked? Is my kit torn? Am I injured? Questions that run through one’s mind, the least and last considered question being the one with the highest … Continue reading

Vis 360 – A Dome of Protection!

Vis 360 – A Dome of Protection!

The Vis 360 is a helmet bike light for the commuter that is simple to clip on-and-off, and recharges easily with the convenient USB plug-in. This Light & Motion bike light protects the rider with amber side lights, a front spot light that casts a wide peripheral halo of light expanding the width of a … Continue reading

Nomad2Go, Dirty No Mo!

The Nomad2Go is a portable power cleaner capable of producing a 90 psi jet stream or soft misty spray and is great for cleaning off your dirty outdoor gear before the wife sees it in the car or in the house. This portable power washer is available as either an 18 volt rechargeable battery option … Continue reading enters StarCrossed!

Clear afternoon skies broke to grey clouds and consistent rain as the elite cylcocross racers warmed up on their Jonathon Page inspired Blue Norcross bikes and Rolf Prima wheels for the final elite event of StarCrossed in Redmond, Washington. elite racers Craig Richey, Nathan Bannerman, Eric Emsky, and Michael Gallagher would fight the rain-soaked … Continue reading

Celebrity Gear Outfitting – Bob Dylan Edition

Sorry we’re a little later with this than we’d originally planned, but hey…better late than never, right? In case you missed our last edition (featuring Katy Perry), these installments take a celebrity and hypothesize what that person would buy if he or she were to walk into Mountains Plus looking for a tent, backpack, and … Continue reading

Ode to Blue Axino

I awoke that morning, a crisp clear Utah morning in the mountains. The sun was shining and my co-worker and I had just finished fueling up on bagels and coffee at the Wasatch Bagel Café.  We headed to dealer camp, anxious to start the event, excited to discover the newness in biking.  Checking in first … Continue reading

Celebrity Gear Outfitting – Katy Perry Edition

At Mountains Plus, we frequently discuss ideas for interesting blog topics. We also frequently watch Pop music videos (Lady Gaga, Backstreet Boys, Beyonce, etc.) at the office. This morning, we found ourselves doing both simultaneously (amidst Katy Perry’s “California Gurls“) and wondered, “If Katy Perry walked into Mountains Plus needing a tent, backpack and sleeping … Continue reading