How much Hiking Does It Take For An “Avid Hiker” To Make?

I often hear people say in conversation, “Oh, I’m an avid hiker, I just love hiking”, only to discover in the course of the conversation that they have gone hiking twice this year and those hikes consisted of 2 mile nature walks.  Now, I’ve got no beef with them going on small walks along flat trails at their local parks, but to characterize themselves as avid hikers is just a bit too much for me to swallow.  An avid hiker, they are not!  As much as I would like to confront them with a reprised characterization of their hiker status, I do not.  I let them retain the self-acclaimed title of “Avid Hiker”.

However, this does raise the question, how much hiking does it take an “Avid Hiker” to make?  How many miles must one accumulate, how many day-hikes must one take, how many nights must one sleep in the backcountry to claim the title, “Avid Hiker”?

Any and all hikers, avid or not, willing to voice their thoughts?

3 thoughts on “How much Hiking Does It Take For An “Avid Hiker” To Make?

  1. Only a love for hiking in the outdoors. When did hiking and enjoying the outdoors become a contest or some kind of badge.

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